Where we came from & where we’re going

Born out of a lucky (re)encounter, our journey began when three friends reconnected after years of walking on very different paths. With diverse interests from law and finance to technology and digital innovation, together they realized they shared a common passion–human connections. That’s why Space.UA was created.

Today, we’re sparking new connections with our evolving technology and helping to build empowering relationships that bring people and communities together.

Building a future filled with strong business relationships

We believe in the power of human interactions. Our vision is to help people thrive by connecting them to the right people at the right time. From a single conversation to entire communities built around shared interests and experiences, these connections are what brings the world together.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping create meaningful connections that grow into authentic, long-lasting relationships.

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We live by our values

🧠 Curious

We are avid learners who ask questions and challenge the status quo.

✊ Resilient

We evolve, grow, and come back stronger by experimenting.

❤️ Human

We recognize our need for one another and prioritize empathy.

👽 Open-minded

We embrace change, gain perspective through difference, and face challenges head-on.

🏅 Ambitious

We dream big and always strive to improve.

Inclusion is at the heart of our continuous innovation

We recognize the power of diverse minds coming together and are committed to creating a team that uplifts them all. Understanding firsthand the magic of bringing the world together, we believe that creating communities anywhere is the catalyst for the right change.


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